Mergers & Acquisitions

Looking to acquire profitable internet businesses, $500K - $15Mn EBITDA

Over the years Vijay has developed vast networks with Silicon Valley based VC's and is currently looking to acquire wonderful internet companies for them. The ideal company should have a 3-5+ years of operating history, a minimum $500k/year in annual profit and a high quality team in place. We like simple internet businesses that have high margins, don't require tons of people or complex technology, and have a competitive moat.


We run a quick 30 days process, simple structure with cash upfront, founders can stay or go, post which we manage and hold the companies for the long term. If you've bootstrapped your business and scaled it with real customers and revenue and looking at handing the reins to someone else, or you've raised money and built a good business but haven't been able to achieve venture scale and investors need a soft landing, or you've got early employees, investors or a co-founder who wants to leave/ cash out and you want to swap them for a friendly new face who can add value, do reach out.

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